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Invisalign is a new orthodontic treatment designed to move crooked teeth gently and effectively into their correct places without the need for brackets, wires, and hassle.

Why Are Crooked Teeth a Problem?

Although crooked teeth are often treated as a cosmetic issue, the truth is that when your teeth are improperly spaced or misaligned, it sets up a situation where bacteria and plaque can flourish. If your teeth are crowded, toothbrushes and dental floss have a hard time getting between the teeth. When your teeth overlap, you may not be able to reach certain surfaces of your teeth to properly clean them.

Over time, plaque and tartar will build up and your risk for cavities, decay, and gum disease significantly increases. Your overall health may be impacted as well, since dental and gum disease have been linked to serious health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

How Invisalign Can Help

When you start Invisalign treatment at Associates of Dental Arts, our team will sit down with you to create a step-by-step plan to move your teeth into their correct positions.

The aligners will be custom-made for the treatment plan we have designed. You will have an aligner to wear for a certain period, once that time frame is over, you simply move on to the next aligner. This begins the next phase of your treatment.

With Invisalign, there’s no need to constantly return to our office to have wires tightened. While you will need to return occasionally to check on progress, much less time will be spent at the dentist than with traditional bracket-and-wire braces.

The Advantages of Invisalign

In addition to the obvious cosmetic advantage that Invisalign has over other orthodontic options, Invisalign makes it much easier to continue your day-to-day life while straightening your teeth.

Braces have many restrictions, especially when it comes to food. The list of foods to avoid while wearing braces is long and contains a number of healthy foods like fresh apples, carrots, popcorn, and peanut butter.  With Invisalign, this is not a problem.  Remove your Invisalign aligner when you eat and you can eat whatever strikes your fancy – even crunchy or sticky foods! After you’ve enjoyed your meal, simply brush your teeth and reinsert the aligner.

You can also remove your aligners for a cleaning. The brackets and wires of braces can be difficult to clean around, and some people wind up with permanent marks on their enamel from being unable to clean properly. Flossing is also difficult with traditional braces. With Invisalign, you simply remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth as usual and clean your aligners as directed. Once your teeth and aligners are clean, replace your aligners and continue to straighten your teeth!

Learn more about Invisalign here.

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