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Functional Orthodontics

Functional Orthodontics vs Traditional Orthodontics

At Associates of Dental Arts, we use both traditional and functional orthodontics to help provide total dental wellness. Traditional orthodontics focus on improving your bite by moving your teeth with braces or retainers. Functional orthodontics involves looking at the alignment of your mouth and jaw as well as your teeth to treat a variety of maladies. For example, with functional orthodontics we are able to look at how the position of the jaw relates to your breathing at night. In some patients, we are able to create an appliance to help their jaw position and reduce or eliminate sleep apnea. Functional orthodontics is more effective than traditional orthodontics with children because it anticipates potential jaw and teeth alignment problems.

Functional Orthodontics for Children

Functional orthodontics is effective in children because it helps guide the growth of the child's mouth to create the perfect smile and bite. Functional orthodontic treatment should be started as early as possible and can benefit patients as young as four. This is why it is important for your children to have regular dental check-ups. At Associates of Dental Arts, we will evaluate your child’s mouth and help create a treatment plan that provides maximum benefits to your child and helps avoid costly and time consuming treatment in the future. For example, the uses of a palate expander will help to create a proper bite and avoid crowding issues without the need for extractions or surgery. It will also shorten the time your child requires braces.

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