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How can I fix bleeding gums?

Bleeding, swollen gums and bad breath are all signs of periodontitis, or the advanced stages of gum disease. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please to set up a consultation with Associates of Dental Arts as soon as possible. Our team offers gum disease treatment including the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®), a viable gum surgery alternative. We would be happy to provide more information about LANAP® during your consultation.

Traditional Gum Surgery vs. the Gum Surgery Alterative: Understanding the Differences

Many periodontists turn to traditional gum surgery to treat periodontal disease, but gum surgery is no longer the most effective treatment available. Surgery involves lifting and rolling the gum tissue back to remove the bacteria and cut away any diseased gum tissue. In some cases, bone grafting is needed to help the gum tissue reattach to the root of the tooth. Sutures and stitches are necessary to hold the gum tissue securely against the tooth as it heals. Since gum tissue has to be cut and removed, many patients experience bleeding of the gums, receding gums, and tooth sensitivity due to root exposure.

LANAP® has changed the way periodontists treat moderate to advanced stages of gum disease. At Associates of Dental Arts, our team uses the PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser, a unique piece of equipment designed with advanced technology to eliminate the diseased tissue and eradicate bacteria without harming healthy tissue. The procedure is minimally invasive, as there is no cutting of the gum tissue. This gum surgery alternative also offers the benefit of fast healing time and less pain than traditional surgery. 

In addition, LANAP® delivers more predictable and long lasting results. The laser helps to sterilize the gums and stimulates bone around the root of the tooth. This encourages bone regeneration naturally, so no bone grafting is needed. LANAP® can also reverse the effect of bleeding gums and other periodontal disease symptoms, which can help to save your teeth.
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