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What are the types of sedation used in sedation dentistry?

We offer the following sedation dentistry services in our practice:

Oral Sedation
This form of sedation allows us to relieve anxiety without any needles or intravenous tubes. If you tend to have trouble getting numb, oral sedation will help you become sedated and relaxed. You will be asked to take a small pill about an hour before your appointment. This will make you slightly drowsy, but you will also feel relaxed and calm. Once relaxed, we will complete your dental procedure. You will need a companion to take you home to rest and sleep for a couple of hours after your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide (N2O)

Nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas, has been utilized in dentistry for decades and is used by more than 35 percent of dentists in the United States today. Within five minutes of inhaling the colorless and odorless gas, all pain is neutralized and you will feel euphoric. We can complete the dental procedure while you are completely relaxed and you will not feel any pain. You will return to normal within minutes after the gas is stopped.

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