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Teeth Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is the time for family, and sugary goodies! But while all of the cookies, pies and candy tastes heavenly, it is more akin to a Christmas nightmare for your teeth.  

Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth that cause calculus, cavities, and gum disease. After you eat, your teeth can remain under attack for up to an hour. Brushing your teeth is the quickest way to stop the bacteria. Another tip is to cut down on the grazing and eat sweets only after a meal. That way, your teeth have a chance to recover.

As far as stocking stuffers go, Santa can’t go wrong with throwing in some Christmas candy for the kids on Christmas morning To cut down on the amount of sweets (not cut out of course, that would be cruel), here are some alternative, teeth healthy ideas for stocking stuffers.

Some Fun Teeth Friendly Stocking Stuffers

  1. A fun toothbrush for your child, such as a character or one that lights up and plays a song. For older stocking lovers, you can put in an electric toothbrush
  2. Sugarless gum is a great stocking stuffer that tastes great and can actually help fight cavities
  3. Dark chocolate has been shown in some studies to possibly help with tooth health (probably best to still enjoy in moderation though)
  4. Bacon Dental floss…fun, funny and functional
  5. Unsalted nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and monkey nuts taste good and are really good for tooth development
  6. Apples, fruit is nature’s candy!

Ultimately, the key to enjoying the festivities without punishing your teeth too much is (as is so often the case in life) moderation!

Merry Christmas!



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