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Convenient Dentistry: Same Day CEREC Crowns

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Having Trouble Finding Time for Dental Appointments? Get a Same Day CEREC Restoration!

It’s a fact, American work more hours than any other industrialized nation. More than the French (no surprise there), more than the English, more than the Germans and the United States has finally even overtaken the Japanese. Saying it is hard to get time off for dental appointments is usually an understatement. If you have a broken tooth or large cavities, you may require a crown, an onlay, or an inlay. However, getting these restorations takes multiple visits and getting the required time off on two separate days can be nearly impossible. Luckily dentists are now able to offer beautiful porcelain restorations in one appointment using a CEREC machine.

The CEREC Same Day Advantage

CEREC crowns, onlays and inlays offer you many advantages including:

  • Same day restoration of your tooth so you can get out of pain and back to feeling 100%
  • No temporary crowns causing discomfort and requiring more appointments if it falls off
  • No need for gooey impressions that may have to be retaken if they are rejected by the lab
  • No second appointment to seat your crowns, onlay or inlay
  • CEREC porcelain restorations are an attractive and natural looking solution that lasts longer than composite fillings

How the CEREC Same Day Restoration Works

To make your CEREC crown, onlay, or inlay, the dentist will first prep your tooth like they will with any crown. With traditional crowns, the dentist would take an impression of your tooth after completing the prep work and put on a temporary crown while you wait weeks for the lab to get your impression and make your crown. With the CEREC machine, the doctor will take a 3D scan of you tooth and then the CEREC machine use this scan to "mill" your crown. The dentist will then seat the crown and adjust the bite. No second appointments, no going weeks with a temporary crown that may fall off, no coming back for multiple impressions if the lab rejects an impression, just an immediate solution to your tooth pain.

Choosing a CEREC Dentist

CEREC same day porcelain restorations are a convenient and an appealing solution to your tooth restoration needs and can be just as good as a lab made crown. However, you need to make sure you find the right dentist because their experience will make sure that you get the quality restoration you deserve. The best way is to call potential dentist offices. Here are some good questions to ask:

How long has the dentist been practicing dentistry?

How does the CEREC system work?

How long has the dentist been using the CEREC machine?

What type of training does the dentist have for using the CEREC crown?

Is the dentist able to make inlays, onlays and crowns using the CEREC machine?

How does the dentist stay up with the latest technology and trends in dentistry?

Ask about financing options, if you have insurance, ask them if they are providers for your plan. If you are self-pay, ask if the office have financing or pre-payment discounts.

If you are interested in the office but want to physically check it out before you make a decisions, ask if the office offers free consultations or free second opinions.

While asking these questions, pay attention to how the receptionist answers the question. Are they knowledgeable? Are they friendly? Are they giving you adequate responses? What is your gut feeling about the office while you are talking on the phone?

CEREC Restoration: A Solution for Your Busy Life

We are all busy people and, while dentistry is important, finding time can be difficult. Same day porcelain restorations on the CEREC machine offers a durable, natural looking solution to tooth decay or broken teeth. If you have more questions you should talk to your dentist. If you need to find a dentist, ask some of the questions above to help screen offices. If they make you feel calm and confident on the phone, the office will probably make you feel the same way at your appointment. If you are still not 100% sure about the office, ask for a free consultation. Do not let a busy schedule get in the way of taking care of your cavities. Instead, find a dentist that offers CEREC restorations and get it taken care of in one visit.

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