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Great American Smokeout Day: Quit and Smile

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At Associates of Dental Arts in Joplin, we care about our patient’s health. That is why we encourage all of our patients that smoke to quit if at all possible. We know it is hard but we also know you can do it. This coming Thursday is the Great American Smokeout Day and on this day smokers everywhere are supposed to quit smoking for at least 24 hours. But why not go all the way and make it the first day you kick the habit for good. Let’s look at some of the benefits of quitting smoking relating to your oral health to help get you motivated.

It’s All About the Money!

Let’s face it, pretty much every one wishes they have more money. Besides the savings you get from not spending money on cigarettes, you will potentially save thousands of dollars on dental care. Receding gums can me paying for gum surgery or even losing your teeth. There is no cheap way to replace your teeth. So why not save the money you will have to spend on gum surgery or dentures and quit the habit today!

Smile Brighter!

You deserve a white beautiful smile but you will never have one if you smoke. Kick the habit and spend some money on some whitening treatment, you will wow people with your smile in no time!

Get Closer!

Gum disease and smoking causes bad breath, kick that habit and get a little closer to the one you love without them having to plug their nose.

Feel Better

Gum disease is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. If you quite smoking your gums will start to heal and you will fell better. Plus, if you quit smoking you will heal faster and have less discomfort from any dental surgeries you may have. Kick the habit and give your mouth the best chance at healing and feeling great.

Live Longer

We all hear about lung cancer and smoking but smoking can lead to oral cancer too. We want you around, so kick the habit and avoid the increased risk for oral cancer

Here is a link on ways to quit smoking. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and join in the Great American Smokeout Day and quit! We know you can do it!


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