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Pros & Cons of Custom-Made Mouth Guards

Anyone who plays sports–whether child, adult, man or woman–should consider wearing a mouth guard. A split lip will heal over time, but a split tooth never heals, and if it’s an adult tooth, then you’re really in trouble.


  • Boxing was the first sport to introduce the usage of “gumshields” or “tooth guards,” as they were called back then. Unfortunately, the primitive mouth guards were nothing more than a thin piece of rubber that wore out rather quickly. They may have provided some protection, but not enough to consider using today.


  • There are two basic types of mouth guards you can purchase: over-the-counter from your local drugstore or sporting goods store ...

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Associates of Dental Arts Announces Annual Mouth Guard Charity Event

All proceeds to help raise money for the Quapaw and Baxter Springs communities affected by the tornado.

Joplin, MO— 06/01/2014— Today, Associates of Dental Arts announced availability for parents and student athletes to purchase a custom fit mouth guard with school logo for maximum comfort, style, and protection. To help the communities affected by the recent tornadoes, all proceeds will go to help the Baxter Springs and Quapaw high schools athletics departments

“This is a great value, for a great cause,” said Erik Rose, Marketing Director at Associates of Dental Arts.

Dr. Kivett of Associates of ...

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Mouth Guards Customized for Each Sport?

Does your child participate in youth sports? If so, their oral health is at risk without the use of a mouthguard! According to the American Dental Association, 10-20% of all sports related injuries are maxillofacial injuries.

The advantages of using a mouthguard during sports are tremendous. Mouthguards are essential for both contact and non-contact sports. They can reduce the risk of injuries to your teeth, lips, tongue, and soft tissues of your mouth. Usually these injuries will result in permanent damage to oral structures. Mouthguards can prevent nerve damage to a tooth, and even tooth loss! It is also important to remember that infection and damage to primary teeth can indeed ...

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Athletic Mouth Guards for Protection and Performance

A mouth guard is a flexible plastic appliance that is worn during recreational and athletic activities to protect the teeth from trauma or loss and to prevent jaw fractures, neck injuries and concussions. It has been estimated that wearing a mouth guard will reduce concussions by 50%. Mouth guards also minimize lacerated and bruised lips and cheeks by keeping these soft tissue areas away from the teeth. This is especially true for youngsters with orthodontic braces.

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Courtney DeCarlo Mother’s Day


I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother!! She has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has such a big heart. Growing up (and still to this day) she has always put her family’s wants and needs before her own. I can not thank her enough for all that she has done.
Love you!

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Bethany Perry Mother’s Day

My beautiful mother is one of my best friends. She has always been there for me through the good and the bad times. I get my willpower and strength from her. I only hope that when my kids are grown that we share the same ...

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