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In Case of a Storm the Safest Place to Be Is…The Dentist Office?

Storm Shelter Sign Joplin Dentist Office

It is a bright day in Joplin when ominous dark clouds suddenly blot out the sun. The winds pick up and shifts direction while lighting streaks across the sky. Then, just as you begin to fear the worst, the sirens go off and your heart skips a beat. At times like these the safest place to be is…the dentist office? If you go to Associates of Dental Arts it is. We have an emergency plan, first aid kits, emergency lights if we lose power, water tanks if we lose water and (most importantly) our surgery suites double as a tornado shelter. As a dentist office in Joplin, we understand the ...

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VIDEO: Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for teens is a great way for teenagers to get the straight teeth they deserve without the hassle of traditional braces. Associates of Dental Arts is happy to offer free consultations. So call you local Joplin dentist and find out you can take your smile to the next level!

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Live Better With Implant Supported Dentures

image of a smiling elderly woman

Do you or someone you love struggle with dentures?

Dentures by themselves are a poor replacement for your natural teeth. The best fitting dentures can still pop out at embarrassing times when you yawn, cough or sneeze. Dentures can make it difficult to eat and speak normally. Worst of all, your jawbone will continuously deteriorate because of your lack of teeth. This means, no matter what, your dentures will become loose over time and cause sores in your mouth.

There is a solution!

There is a permanent solution to these problems, implant supported dentures. Dental implants will revolutionize how you think about dentures. Implant supported dentures work almost as well as your original ...

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International Bad Poetry Day: ADA Style

Assoicates of Dental Arts Tooth Logo

August 18th is International Bad Poetry day. In the spirit of the day, here is our Associates of Dental Arts Poem. Enjoy!!!

If you want the best do not let/

Any dentist near you mouth ‘cept Dr. Kivett/

Whether cleanings, or whitening or tooth colored fillings,/

Sedation, or ortho, or CEREC crown milling,/

LANAP surgery or implants to just name a few/

At Associates of Dental Arts, the most important person is YOU!/

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Straight Teeth, More Than Just Cosmetic

Picture of two girls with straight teeth and white teeth

While the cosmetics advantages of braces are clear, having straight teeth also helps with oral health. Crooked teeth are often difficult to keep clean. Crooked teeth are more likely to have a buildup of plaque and calculus. This puts people at greater risk of issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. If you are having trouble cleaning around certain teeth, you should consider braces.

Braces can also help oral health by correcting a person’s bite. Having an incorrect bite can cause extra wear and tear on teeth. Symptoms of an incorrect bite include jaw pain, teeth grinding, broken teeth and worn down teeth. If you have any of ...

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Oral Health and Braces: Three Month Cleanings Help Protect Your Smile

A smiling women with adult braces

So you have your dental braces and are on your way to the smile you have always wanted. But don’t forget, there is more to a beautiful healthy mouth than just straight teeth. Braces make it very easy for food to get stuck in your teeth which allows bacteria to grow and create plaque. This plaque can cause cavities, decalcification (white spots) and gum disease. To help avoid these issues, you need good daily oral hygiene habits. Also, having a checkup and cleaning every three months with your regular dentist will go even further to ensure that your beautiful smile will not be ruined by bleeding gums, white spots, or ...

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