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Winner of Super Bowl Give Away Drawing




Congrats to the winner of our Super Bowl Drawing. Here is his review:

-Had a tooth crack on me ... No fun. When I came in they told me I needed a crown. I have had many in the past that required a temporary and than you have to come back to get the real one. I was very impressed that in just one visit I have a new crown. They did everything in the office. VERY COOL

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Dry Mouth Increases Risk for Cavities

Tooth in Desert with Cactus

Do you floss and brush every day but still seem to have new cavities every time you go to the dentist? A dry mouth may part of your problem. You probably never really associated dry mouth with cavities. However, a new study shows that saliva can play a very important role in carries prevention. Improving your saliva production is a natural way to protect your mouth from harmful mouth bacteria and reduce your number of costly cavities.

How Bacteria Cause Cavities

Your teeth are protected by a hard outer layer called enamel. When this enamel is compromised, you get what is called a cavity. Bacteria sit on your teeth feeding on sugars ...

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Protect Your Teeth and Cut Down on Sugar

Cutting sugar is a common goal for people with diabetes or those who want to lose weight, but it is equally important to people who want to have healthy teeth.

How Does Sugar Cause Cavities?

Sugar itself is not bad for your teeth. However, bacteria in your mouth eat the sugar and create acid. This acid combines with your saliva and creates plaque.  The plaque is what causes tooth decay. If you do not remove the plaque regularly, it will build up and eat through your enamel (the outer layer of your teeth). If left untreated, plaque will eventually eat all the way to the pulp of the tooth and cause pain ...

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Teeth Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Christmas

Christmas time is the time for family, and sugary goodies! But while all of the cookies, pies and candy tastes heavenly, it is more akin to a Christmas nightmare for your teeth.  

Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth that cause calculus, cavities, and gum disease. After you eat, your teeth can remain under attack for up to an hour. Brushing your teeth is the quickest way to stop the bacteria. Another tip is to cut down on the grazing and eat sweets only after a meal. That way, your teeth have a chance to recover.

As far as stocking stuffers go, Santa can’t go wrong with throwing in some Christmas ...

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Convenient Dentistry: Same Day CEREC Crowns

Picture of CEREC Machine

Having Trouble Finding Time for Dental Appointments? Get a Same Day CEREC Restoration!

It’s a fact, American work more hours than any other industrialized nation. More than the French (no surprise there), more than the English, more than the Germans and the United States has finally even overtaken the Japanese. Saying it is hard to get time off for dental appointments is usually an understatement. If you have a broken tooth or large cavities, you may require a crown, an onlay, or an inlay. However, getting these restorations takes multiple visits and getting the required time off on two separate days can be nearly impossible. Luckily dentists are now able ...

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