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Dr. Gregory Kivett

Occlusal Adjustment

An occlusal adjustment (or bite adjustment) corrects your bite if you have misaligned teeth (malocclusion). Many things can cause malocclusion including, accidents, normal wear, loose teeth, or dental work such as fillings, bridges, crowns or extractions.

Malocclusion stops your jaw from closing in the correct position causing your mouth to constantly search for its correct position. This can lead to teeth grinding, jaw pain and TMJ (temporal mandibular joint issues). Malocclusion can also cause your bite to be “heavy” on certain teeth which causes tooth pain and can even lead to a broken tooth.

How can I know if my bite is “off”?

If you are experiencing bruxism (teeth grinding), ground down enamel, clicking of the jaw, jaw pain, sensitive teeth, headaches or neck pain, you may have malocclusion. During an exam, we will be able to evaluate if you have malocclusion and if a bite adjustment will help.

How is my bite fixed?

Fixing malocclusion can be a very simple procedure. The dentist will take a thin piece of Mylar bite registration paper and have you bite down. The paper leaves a mark where your upper and lower teeth make contact. The doctor will then smooth certain contact points to correct your bight and allow your jaw to naturally fall into its correct position.