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Imagine dentures that look and work like your natural teeth. No more goopy adhesives, no more loose fitting dentures giving you mouth sores, no more worrying about your teeth falling out in public, just a natural smile. Imagine having dentures that no one will believe are not your natural teeth. With implant supported dentures from Associates of Dental Arts in Joplin, this dream can now become your reality. Implant technology has revolutionized what a denture can and should do for you.

How it works

At Associates of Dental Arts we use dental implants to transform your smile. Our no-slip implant supported dentures (also called implant retained dentures and permanent dentures) will change how you think about your dentures forever. By placing denture implants into your jaw we are able to “snap” your dentures into place for a secure and confident smile. You will be able to easily take them out for cleaning and then snap them back in. Because they are locked into place, they work like your natural teeth allowing you to speak better, eat better and feel better.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures vs. Normal Dentures

Have you noticed that, over time, your dentures do not fit right and create sores in your mouth? This is often because of bone loss. Your natural teeth have roots that stimulate your jaw bone and help maintain your bone density. This loss of stimulation with normal dentures means your jaw bone will continuously deteriorate and cause your dentures to slip and give you mouth sores. If you have normal dentures do not delay because you are losing bone density every day. By switching to implant supported dentures, you are not only getting dentures that are more functional but you are also getting dentures that will help protect the long-term health of your mouth.

Some other benefits to Implant Supported Dentures include:

  • The dentures are secure in your mouth and won’t slip
  • The dentures will not fall out in embarrassing moments
  • You will be able to eat normally without worrying about your dentures falling out
  • Little to no effect on your speech
  • Fewer if any mouth sores once you get the correct fit

Getting Permanent Dentures

Do you already have a denture? No problem, Associates of Dental Arts can easily take your current denture that fits comfortably in your mouth and upgrade it to an implant retained denture. But don’t delay, your denture that fits today may not fit tomorrow because of bone loss. If you are looking to get new dentures we can help as well. Our custom fit dentures are designed for maximum comfort. To give you implant supported dentures Dr. Kivett will surgically place implants into your jaw. Dr. Kivett is an expert in implant surgery and has even done demonstrations of his technique for other dentists. After we give your bone time to heal around the implants, we will be ready to “load” your denture by snapping it onto the implants.

Come in for your complementary consultation and see if you are a candidate for denture implants!

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